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Help me please. They are sucking the life out of me.

An interesting reaction to my writing, is that people begin to ask for advice. Though this is flattering it can be a bit dangerous both for me and the person seeking my advice. I wish they would realize that, all I have to share with most of them is only my confusion.

Pradeep recently wrote to me, that he felt he was a zombie without a meaningful life. He worked for a very big and famous multinational organization. He was paid very well and had a lot of perks and facilities provided to him.

He felt trapped in a line up of demanding and aggressive bosses, exhausted subordinates and impossible targets. Like most of his colleagues, even 12 hour work days and six days a week of slogging were insufficient to meet the workload demanded from them.

He felt he was unable to satisfy his bosses because of lack of competence and ability. Constant battering by his bosses and unhappiness at home had eroded his confidence. He wanted my advise on ways and means to boost his confidence.
I told him that the problem was not so much with him as it was caused by his associates and employers.
He made some choices and he was getting both the good and the bad from the choices he had made.

I asked him a few questions;
  • Do you like your job and what you do?
  • Do you have the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of your labour?
  • Do others respect you and you respect yourself?
  • Do you want  to live this type of life for the foreseeable future?
The answers to all the questions were  a firm no.
He is thinking about his next steps and we are to speak again in a fortnight.

A wise successful and happy man Mr. Dixit who is the CEO of a Rs 500 Cr (US$ 100 Million) company remarked to his stressed out young son;  "Our happiness is inversely proportional to our wants. The greater our hunger for material happiness the less happy we feel". He advised his son to stop looking to acquire his third home and spend more time with himself and his loved ones.


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