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Make the garden of our country beautiful.

I recently spent a day with a very interesting Uncle who came visiting from America. Dr. Harcharan Singh is  knowledgeable on so many subjects, but gardening his passion. We mostly discussed his beautiful and highly productive garden.

Spending 2 hours each morning my Uncle grows virtually all the fresh vegetables and fruits his family and friends need. He does not use any artificial fertilizers nor use any pesticides.

Anxious about increasing presence of pesticides in our environment which invariably leads to all sorts of medical problems, such as infertility, organ failure and cancer, I asked him how he was able to avoid using pesticides?

He briefed me on crop /plant rotation which is periodic changing of types of plants so to deny pests  the chance of breeding. He changes the mix of the plants all the time.

The reason we do this is that every crop or type of plant attracts particular types of pests. When a plant grows it becomes a home for those pests, but they need time to find th…