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The Last Will and Testament of Darius

The Reign of Darius the Great marked the zenith of the Persian Empire. Upholding the tradition and values established by Cyrus the Great, Darius valued the rights of all people under his rule and respected the culture, language and religion of subdued nations. 

The Persian Empire demonstrated for the first time how diverse peoples can culturally flourish and economically prosper under one central government. The first system of federal governments was started in the Persian Empire. There were many (nations) states that were run by smaller local kings who were under the great king or Shahan-Shah (King of Kings) and ultimately a courthouse. 

The following inscription appears on his tomb: “By the favor of the great God I believe in justice and abhor inequity. It is not my desire that the weak man should have wrong done to him by the mighty.” ...

Darius' goal was to be a great law-giver and organizer. He structured the empire under the satrapy system (similar to national and local govern…