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Spiral of death - Ants and Humans

Ants can sometimes get caught in a phenomenon called a spiral of death, in which the entire colony can become lost and disoriented and march in circles until they die of exhaustion. Because certain species of ants are essentially blind, they navigate by following pheromone trails left behind by other members of their colony; they use these scent markers to identify food supplies and find their way home. However, should enough of them lose the scent, they will begin to follow the ant immediately in front of them, forming an enormous death spiral in which they will essentially commit suicide.  Source: James Williams - fire ant expert.
Humans in society behave quite similarly . Sometimes we die physically, but more often than not we die intellectually and the vast majority of us die spiritually. Yet man is resilient and when he reaches the edge of existence will turn around and rise and evolve once again.

Love is blind, so is hate

Love blinds, so does hate. Love blinds us to faults Hatred blinds us to virtues

"People often reach conclusions before they gets to them" - Gurvinder SIngh
In spite of all claims to the contrary we humans are basically irrational, emotional creatures. 
We always make decisions on the basis of emotions and then look for 'facts' to justify our choice.
Barring scientific and technical endeavours, try and recall all the important choices we have made. Nearly all transactions we have ever conducted, be they acquisitions or even relationships, were first made on the basis of emotion and then justified with logic, facts and figures. 
Emotions originate from our social conditioning and embedded deep into that instinctive part of our brain which facilitates our survival. Fight or flight, feeding and mating all choices are made in the instinct area.
These instincts drive us to believe that people who follow a certain religion, nationality,  communi…