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Love is blind, so is hate

Love blinds, so does hate.

Love blinds us to faults

Hatred blinds us to virtues


"People often reach conclusions before they gets to them" - Gurvinder SIngh

In spite of all claims to the contrary we humans are basically irrational, emotional creatures. 

We always make decisions on the basis of emotions and then look for 'facts' to justify our choice.

Barring scientific and technical endeavours, try and recall all the important choices we have made. Nearly all transactions we have ever conducted, be they acquisitions or even relationships, were first made on the basis of emotion and then justified with logic, facts and figures. 

Emotions originate from our social conditioning and embedded deep into that instinctive part of our brain which facilitates our survival.
Fight or flight, feeding and mating all choices are made in the instinct area.

These instincts drive us to believe that people who follow a certain religion, nationality,  community, profession, who possess a particular skin colour or features are good or bad. A kind of bias, a brand preference exists within each one of us.

Successful leaders of all hues, marketeers, and also conmen, have a good understanding of these biases. They do channelise our emotions towards these choices.

Well what can we do with this analysis?
I don't know, I am hoping someone will tell me.


  1. Love, hate and so many other instincts are inborn. They comprise our personality. These cannot be washed off, never. Therefore never try to seek how you can overcome them but try to adapt them to the life and its compulsions.

  2. Dear Dr Pandita ji,

    Based on my own studies and investigations I believe that, our personality traits are evolved from two major streams.

    Vertically transmitted traits are in our DNA and we are born with them. Such as our skin colour, level of intelligence etc, features and generic behaviour.

    Horizontal traits are socially acquired, such as the belief that a particular skin colour renders a person superior or inferior to his fellow beings. Or that God created the earth in six days or that I was born into a particular religion or patriotism etc.

    Horizontal traits can be modified by new conditioning or fundamentally changed by awareness and awakening. I am much more aware than before but I have a very long way to go before I actually awaken.

    Thank you for your thought provoking statement.


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