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What is this Generation Gap?

Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents and everyone is writing a book. ~ Cicero (43 BC)

Until recently in virtually all agrarian societies,the average villager ventured no more than 10 kilometres from the village in his or her entire life. People lived their lives in the same manner just as their forefathers lived for thousands of years before them. 

One of the elder's main job was to provide guidance and information to the youngsters. All learning and lively-hood opportunities were provided by parents, and community elders. Formal education was unnecessary and very limited and therefore alternative careers and income possibilities were rare. 

My grandparents complained, so did my parents and now us, that there is a generation gap and the children do not obey us. Elders wail that the younger generation are disobedient, do pretty much what they like and are therefore disrespectful of the elders and their views.

We fail to realise that, authority comes not by imposition but…