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The American Empire

Leaves and pebbles falling in the pond cause ripples. Imagine our world as a pond,  every incident disturbs and impacts everyone in different ways and then calms down again.

However there is one nation, America, that so dominates the world socially, politically and militarily, that not only do its actions perpetually cause ripples but also have a huge impact, sometimes causing not only ripples but storms and even tsunamis much akin to a big boulder falling in the pond. 

The American empire and its domination of the world today is based on the following,  

Access to fantastic financial resources. (Almost every country invests its savings in American government bonds)It is a great repository of information and knowledge not necessarily wisdom. Outstanding pool of talented manpower in nearly all disciplines.Armed forces budget greater than the next 14 largest armed forces.Huge nuclear arsenal.The hunger, and ruthless will to want to remain the global leader. ______________

That is why decisi…