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The American Empire

Jihad of 'The religion of Peace' versus Crusade of 'The religion of Love'

Leaves and pebbles falling in the pond cause ripples. Imagine our world as a pond,  every incident disturbs and impacts everyone in different ways and then calms down again.

However there is one nation, America, that so dominates the world socially, politically and militarily, that not only do its actions perpetually cause ripples but also have a huge impact, sometimes causing not only ripples but storms and even tsunamis much akin to a big boulder falling in the pond. 

The American empire and its domination of the world today is based on the following,  

  • Access to fantastic financial resources. (Almost every country invests its savings in American government bonds)
  • It is a great repository of information and knowledge not necessarily wisdom. 
  • Outstanding pool of talented manpower in nearly all disciplines.
  • Armed forces budget greater than the next 14 largest armed forces.
  • Huge nuclear arsenal.
  • The hunger, and ruthless will to want to remain the global leader. 

That is why decision makers in every country keep a keen eye on America and what  its planning and doing. It does not matter who occupies  the White House, because America has no permanent friends or enemies, they just have permanent interests.

American leadership is clear, they want to remain the world's sole superpower which will continue to overwhelmingly dominate the world in the 21st century.

Whether the world will become a more prosperous, equitable, just, and happier place is another question. 


Studying various documents, sources, plans of influential and powerful think tanks, and actions taken so far, the following appear to be the Grand Strategic Objectives of America for the current century. 

Six Grand Strategic Objectives of US policy to remain the sole superpower in the 21st century
  1.  Security and prosperity of Israel.
  2. Control of global fuel and energy assets and supply
  3. Control of fuel and energy supply channels and trade routes. This includes pipelines, waterways and shipping lanes.
  4. Containing political and militant Islam
  5. Containing the power of Russia
  6. Containing the power of China 
The first 4 objectives have a direct bearing on the Arab world, which mainly covers the oil rich, Muslim world of Middle East and North Africa. 

Proposed pipeline after conflicts in Iraq and Syria ends

Its predicted that the number of Arab states will almost double in number from current 22 states to 35 states by 2025 as they fragment and get dismembered because of internal rivalry between Arabs themselves, leading to a lot of self destruction. Shia- Sunni conflict being the most significant and high profile sectarian conflict. Revolutions will occur also for social, political and economic reasons.

Saudi Arabia with a 30 million population, controlled by just 13,000 members of the Al Saud family who pocket the bulk of the national income, will become victim of its own extremist intolerant policies. It is projected to fracture mostly due to internal pressures into at least three  parts, the largest part being the Saudi homelands consisting of a number of fiefdoms, taking it back towards tribal rule albeit a more modern one. The Islamic sacred state, and the Arab Shia State, will also come into being. Saudi Arabia will also lose territory to Yemen, Iraq, and Jordan. and hence will see great reduction in its power and influence.

America will instigate, and aggravate local problems, rivalries, and conflicts, thus deepening the crisis and thus further its own strategic agenda. 'The war on terror' will remain a convenient argument. 

America will not have much to do, it will indulge in what I would describe as  'Constructive chaos', that is mainly standby and just stoke the naturally occurring fires of conflict. America will take advantage of the situation by selling weapons and financing reconstruction. 

They will let the dictatorial leaders indulging in tribal rivalries weaken themselves and their states. Religious conflict between  the 73 different sects of Islam will further aggravate the crisis. All conflicts  only cause misery and destruction.

With rising conflict amongst themselves, focus and funds will greatly taper off for political and militant Islam . Thus putting the genie back into the lamp.

American plans are not secret. The ideas of a New Middle East are openly discussed.

Independent Free Kurdistan will become a reality and will take significant bite of territory and resources from Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. Kurds are not Muslims and openly work towards containing political and militant Islam.
Independent Free Kurdistan will become a reality and will take significant bite of territory and resources from Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. Kurds are not Muslims and openly work towards containing political and militant Islam.

As a result with these developments, America will have even more significant control over global fossil fuel energy sources, production and distribution assets. 

Israel will find itself to be more secure and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict will be settled.

With active support of the European and American governments, Christian missionaries are working overtime to convert Muslims to Christianity across the world. An Al Jazeera report states that In Africa, annually 6 million Muslims are being converted to Christianity.

The nest that breeds terrorism, Pakistan will implode and fragment. To save itself it will beg for monetary assistance which it will receive from America as grants and China as expensive loans. 

Pakistan will be defanged and have to surrender both its nuclear weapons stockpile and production capability. Implosion will see Pakistan losing Baluchistan, and a significant part of its northern territory to Afghanistan. Pakistan will also lose  to India that part of Kashmir which it has occupied illegally. 

Pakistan will experience internal strife for the entire century. It will not disappear but will come to exist as a land greatly indebted economically, geo-politically, and militarily a slave of China. China will also greatly curb political and militant Islam. 

Power tends to breed arrogance, and powerful nations are no exception. America will rely less on cooperation and diplomacy and use more force and induce greater fear. America increasingly adopts the philosophy first articulated by the Roman Empire; **'We do not care if we are liked or not, so long as we are feared.'**

The American political - financial - military - Industrial complex promises to make the 21st century more violent. The cost to human well being will be immense and greatest in Europe and the Arab world, where most of the major conflicts in the world have originated or taken place in the past 2000 years.   

Based on Eastern beliefs which retain strong family values and resilient social structure, most countries in Asia  will emerge stronger and safer. The future for India in particular and Indians of all faiths, as an old and resilient civilisation, having a conservative self sufficient economy with low debt, promises to be very good. However they will have to greatly augment their soft-power with the hard-power of military strength.

Notes on American efforts for containment of Russia and containment of China will be covered under separate articles.


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