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Are you thinking in the box?

Those who do not think outside the box are easily contained

- Nicolas Manetta

Those who are in power always seek to maintain the status quo. They resent surprises and therefore frown upon change. The stronger they are, the greater the focus to keep organisations and systems rigid.
Society, organisations and departments are akin to boxes. The people who are in power  or lead want things within their boxes stable and therefore rigid. Leave alone action,  even a new thought or idea is usually frowned upon.
However in a rapidly changing, constantly evolving world, failure to innovate and improve can be harmful if not fatal. Thought always precedes action, so, it has become fashionable to tell people to think outside the box. 
While improvements and innovation can be great, if not evaluated and managed properly, will result in chaos and resulting change may actually take the organisation backwards. Unstable systems or organisations, are inefficient, consume too many resources, and can easily dest…