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The Power of The Visible Organisation..

Imagine watching a sporting match , say a game of cricket, where there are no announcements, or commentary or display boards giving any information. If all one sees is a lot of activity with players running all over the playing ground with someone bowling and some chaps batting, obviously it will be difficult to fathom what is really happening. If one has not even an inkling as to who is winning or losing and what are the runs or run rate required to win the match or wickets remaining etc, the game will in all likely-hood not sustain the interest of the spectator. Not only spectators but players too will soon get bored, and likely to lose interest in the game /match and of course the results. Unfortunately this is the same situation in many organisations.

Many employees within organisations haven’t a clue on what is happening. Yet they are screamed at, lectured, and sent to motivational and training camps to get them to be enthusiastic about an organisation for which they have little i…