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Laughter of Sages and Preachers

"One of the big differences between a genuine sage and a preacher is gaiety. When the sage laughs it is a belly laugh; when the preacher laughs, which is all too seldom, it is on the wrong side of the face."
~ Henry Miller
Humanity has always struggled to understand Creation, and Man's place in it. Creation is so infinitely vast and complex that it is impossible to understand, but it has not stopped man from trying. 

Some wise and enlightened beings had credible answers, and this illuminated many minds and souls. Some of this wisdom was retained in the memories of others and they in turn wrote many texts, which in turn repeatedly produced more memories and texts. Mankind has already drowned in an ocean of memories, texts and analysis.

Teachers that came earlier had themselves experienced much. They considered teaching a calling, and they shared their wisdom freely and widely,  in addition to their usually working at some honest profession to ear…