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Why is it so damn hot?

Our time can be divided by our focus on ourselves, our family, work, socialising and recreation. 
There is however a factor which cannibalises our peace of mind and our time, called 'nonsense'. 'Nonsense work' is time and effort spent on having to cope with problems which make no sense whatsoever, they  should never have occurred in the fist place. These are headaches and problems created sometimes by we ourselves but usually caused by others. 

Unfortunately we are dependant on others to meet our requirements and solve problems we face, because we now live in a society of organisations filled with specialists. 

The larger and more complex the organisation that we have to deal with, the more bureaucracy there is, and to justify their existence, create enormous amounts of nonsensical work for people.

The frustration with bureaucracies is the solution provider is completely disconnected from the person/s who face problems that need to be resolved. The disconnect may be due to…