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Listen to be heard

My son Amarprit now 34 years young often accompanied me when I went to business and social meetings. 

While I used to lead the discussions I observed a strange phenomenon, people used to start addressing my son rather than me.  This used to disturbed me, for every elder particularly the father thinks he is smarter and more competent than his children.  Did people not know who was in charge? Could they not see the father?
Nevertheless, Amarprit with less knowledgable, less experienced, less assertive and less aggressive than me was simply more effective in communication. 

I initially attributed it to my son's charm and intelligence. Then I soon realised, it was 
also because my son was not only a good listener but a respectable one too. He always tried to understand and appreciate the other person's needs, problems before he offered a solution which we had already planned.  Like my wife it is my son's inherent capacity to give the other person space. Space to express, space to …

Where everyone fails

An example of the problem with Socialism

I often ask myself, why after Independence, has the Indian economy failed to realise its great potential?  There could be several factors but adoption of Marxist Socialistic models is the major culprit.  

An economics  professor was often confronted by a majority of his idealistic students. They insisted that Socialism was a a great equaliser, a system that worked, where no one will be rich nor poor. 
The professor said "Ok, let's conduct an experiment in this class on socialism. The experiment is that results would be averaged out and everyone will receive the same grade." 

After the first test the grades were averaged and everyone got a 'B'. Naturally, the students who had studied hard were upset and the ones who had hardly studied at all were delighted.

As the second test rolled in, the hardworking students decided that they were not going to get an 'A', studied less, and the ones who had earlier …