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Intel Outside

Intel as everyone knows has been and continues to be a world leader in manufacture of computer chips. It has been the largest chip manufacturer in the world since 1992. In May 2009, Craig Barrett stepped down as Intel's  Chairman after serving the organization for 35 years. He also served as Intel's CEO from 1998 to 2005.

The charismatic Mr. Barrett almost always couched his hard hitting messages with humour. At his farewell meeting with employees he cautioned them that it is easy to become complacent when you are a leader.

He said if you go to the universities in the USA, three fourths of the graduates in engineering were foreign nationals. A vast majority of them were now returning to their home countries because they were increasingly finding better better opportunities there.

This meant that talented students were strengthening their home economies and not the USA as was the tradition till recently. Mr. Barrett was particularly concerned about India and emerging Indian capabilities. 

Is it conceivable that  Indian engineers and entrepreneurs  could make Mr. Barretts's  prophetic warning come true? "If you are not careful a day will come when it will be Patel inside - Intel outside".


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