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The Power of The Visible Organisation..


  1. Pardipta says;

    Great Gurvinderji..... nice thought....

    Most of the time, from my experience, the people who matters do not share the information from a psyche that those information may be used against him/her and hence avoided. They do not believe others in the organisation and feels threatened to divulge.

    Keep it up.

    Pradipta Ghosal

  2. Dear Pradipta,

    As usual you never fail to inspire.
    You are very right that not only now but throughout history people have hoarded knowledge and information so that they might have power and control over others.
    There are exciting changes happening at NHQ which can only succeed with your good wishes and support.

    More when we meet next.

    With warm regards and my best wishes.


  3. Tirtharaj Khot said;

    What an analogy of match and work place. This way it never crossed our minds. that is what is the differentiator

  4. Dear Tirtharaj ji,

    Brief & to the point.
    You do wonders for my motivation.




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