I have found the problem, it is I.

Blaming others is easy and allows us to deny the reality, that we may be the problem or the one causing the problem.

We try to solve problems by changing partners, friends, and team members but rarely ourselves.

A sure sign of a problematic person is one who sees negative things in everyone and everything all the time.

Are you the problem or the solution?


  1. I posted one a while back. I am surprised it has not appeared. Any way here is a repost of my thought.
    Gurvinder, while I agree with your analysis, I do not with the trending solution. 'I' has to be 'WE' to see his reflections. While being critical of everything and not retaining the 'WE' identity, to admit oneself as a problem or a solution is a mixed bag. For the change I has to merge with WE.

  2. You are probably right, that in many situations there are many more people involved and we would be more appropriate. However even in a group change always occurs when there is an individual who champions the solution or the change.
    Insightful feedback I thank you


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