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Outraged people often lose their freedom

Every day some outrageous events occur. The media starts a frenzy and the masses get begin to holler for blood. A sacrificial head is needed on the block or something has to be done. Politicians find it expedient to bow to public and media pressure and some knee jerk reaction is announced. The government administration swings into action drafting new laws and imposing curbs and the mobs are silenced. Then peace returns briefly to the land before the next uproar. The cycle repeats endlessly.

There is a dangerous pattern. With each action our liberties, freedom are being taken away. Like killing the people with a thousand cuts, until one day all we have is a compliant, submissive and frightened people. It is becoming impossible to exist without breaking some law or the other or causing offense to      some individuals or groups.

Trial by media is the new norm, and inquisitions are on the rise. In a travesty of justice people are now first judged guilty and must prove their innocence.

In modern society the war is not amongst nations and not even amongst communities nor individuals. The main conflict is between the ordinary man who represent 95% of the population on one side and 1% of the population on the other side. The remaining 4% are those powerful people in parliament, the government and some in the judiciary who work together to keep the masses in control and to do their bidding.

The 5% always use every situation to harness more discretionary power and wealth in their own hands and weaken that of the people.

A lot of people look up to the American system as the ideal one. They have had and continue to have their own share of despots in suits and uniforms.


J. Edgar Hoover was Director and head of the FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation) in America for 37 years (1935 to 1972).  He was considered the most powerful man because he used the agency to create secret and incriminating dossiers on every politician and important bureaucrat in the United States Government and also of many foreign countries. Creating many genuine and mostly created fears he became powerful by getting the legislature and the government to give him and the FBI huge and uncontrollable power.

Most politicians and people in public life are hypocritical in their conduct and morals. Saying one thing and actually practicing the exact opposite.  This made Hoover's job relatively easy to gather smut on each of his chosen targets.

It was widely rumoured that the man who really ran America for over 20 years was Hoover.

So when JFK became the President of United states people were surprised with his choice of Hoover as the head of FBI. When questioned by a close aide as why he chose Hoover, Kennedy replied, "I would prefer to have him inside the tent pissing outwards rather than standing out and pissing into the tent."

JFK may have been a charismatic and powerful president but even he was constrained by Hoover. Often there are powerful and hidden forces at play behind the throne as can be seen everywhere.


Therefore when we express outrage and demand that governments and organisation attend to an issue, we must be very careful and to see that  we do not give people unbridled power to curb our liberties and freedom. The government must provide effective solutions which provide equitable justice, greater peace and prosperity, lower taxes, promote happiness and well being. Today the solutions are impoverishing people, seeding greater divisions, destroys the environment and poisons the mind and body and bringing out the worst in people.

Using the media many Hoover like people are being created each day. Extremely powerful and beyond scrutiny, functioning with full immunity  these people and organisations are now highly funded entities that pose danger to the well being of all people and to the existence of free and just societies.

Next time you express outrage make sure that the proposed cure is not worse than the disease which will actually destroy the victim


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