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You have a problem?

Success needs no explanation and failure tolerates no excuse.

Yet few people appreciate this point. Many people who fail, dole out excuses one after another, everyone and everything else is to blame except themselves. The situation is most pathetic, when owners, managers and leaders blame their own employees, team members and followers.

Their opening statement is "The problem is ........", and this is followed by a long tirade or moan of nonsense.

The first step in solving a 'problem' is, to learn what is the problem? Surprisingly most people have no idea what the problem is?

A problem is defined as an obstruction 'C' which prevents you from going from  Situation 'A'  to situation 'B'.

Unfortunately most people don't know where they are, where they want to get to and what is obstructing them. In that case the person does not have a problem, they just have an excuse for their failure.


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